Pistachio Kunafa/ Kanafe/ Kanafah

A Middle Eastern dessert, Kunafa made with crunchy shredded phyllo pastry filled with a creamy gooey mixture of mozzarella cheese and semolina and finally sweetened with an authentic scented sugar syrup. In our home, it’s not Ramadan without Kunafa, our go to Ramadan dessert indulgence. There are numerous ways to prepare this sweet dish. TodayRead more

Ramadan Recipes Round-Up 2018 – Oil less Dishes

Here is the last round up for this year. This post contains lots of delicious oil less (non deep fried) dishes links which are fit to have during Iftar. SPICY CHICKEN ROLLS 2. KERALA STYLE EGG PUFFS 3. PIZZA ON BUN 4. SHISH TAOUK WRAPS 5. MINI CHICKEN PUFF PIES 6. CHICKEN MEATBALL STUFFED CHEESYRead more

Ramadan Recipes Round-Up 2018- Fried Appetizers

This is the second part of the Ramadan recipes round-up. Fried appetizers are something most of us can’t resist. As much as we plan to go oil-free during Ramadan, we tend to make at least one fried food to satisfy the intense craving we have while fasting. So here is the list of delicious friedRead more