Chicken fry-2

A basic chicken fry with a simple marinade of Indian spices along with soya sauce and corn flour. You’ll be hooked to this recipe such that you wouldn’t want to use any other chicken fry marinade for sometime. We love a good plate of chicken fry with lots spices in it, thanks to our strongRead more

3 Ingredient Crunch Bars

A very easy 3 ingredient candy bars made with rice cereal coated in milk chocolate. It doesn’t require any cooking or baking. You’ll just need to mix all the ingredients, refrigerate it for an hour and it is ready to eat. This irresistible candy bars are my kids new favorite and it is so simpleRead more

Simple Chicken Sandwich

A very simple chicken sandwich, with a basic sautéed chicken filling along with fresh cabbage and stringy mozzarella cheese. You can keep it simple like this or make it even more flavorful by adding different fixings into it. For as long as I can remember, I have loved chicken sandwiches. My mom makes delicious chickenRead more

Caramel Custard, White Chocolate & Mango Trifle Pudding

A delicious trifle pudding, with layers of mango, white chocolate cream, pound cake soaked in mango juice and finally topped with a caramel custard dome. I am not lying, this is one of the best desserts in my blog. This trifle is a perfect dessert for the summer. It is refreshing and light. The juicy,Read more

Kinder Bueno Pudding – Eid Dessert

A decadent creamy pudding with layers of Kinder Bueno cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies. It is then topped with a thick milk chocolate ganache. This would be the best dessert for the coming Eid or even just any day of the year. Eid-Al-Adha is almost here and so the only thing that was going aroundRead more

3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Ice Cream with Magic Shell

A super quick Cookies and Cream Ice Cream which requires only three ingredients. To take it to the next level, I poured a two ingredient magic shell on top and it tasted divine. I’ve been trying to keep my kids busy during their summer break by making them do things they like. Both my kidsRead more

Butter Roti (South African Flatbread) – Softest Roti Ever

This Simple Soft Butter Roti is ridiculously easy to make and is unbelievably delicious. It turns out soft and pliable each and every single time. We have been having this Roti for the past two weeks continuously. We can’t get enough of this amazing stuff. I made it three times last week and I’m sureRead more

Peri Peri Grilled Chicken (Indian flavored)

This Peri Peri Chicken is tender, spicy and loaded with flavor! Since I’ve added Indian spices to it, this version of peri peri chicken is the ultimate grilled chicken recipe you will ever need. Today, I’m sharing the recipe of these super spicy Peri Peri Chicken that are the perfect companion to all your summerRead more

Ice cold Lemonade Pouches-Perfect for summer beach outings

Lemonade is a classic, refreshing summer drink, but having them chilled in these pouches on a hot summer day is amazing!! I love taking refreshing drinks for the kids whenever we go to the beach, especially during this scorching summer heat. What I do is simply fill the bags with whatever drink my kids like, andRead more

Blender Vanilla Cake with Ganache

A very easy Vanilla Cake for which the batter can be made by dumping all the wet ingredients into a blender. Just fold in the flour and bake. Smother a generous amount of ganache and you will have a delicious cake with very less effort. All that you need to make this cake is aRead more

Edible Gifts 3- Pancake Mix in a Jar

Homemade pancakes are pretty much everyone’s favorite. What is even better is homemade pancakes from a homemade pancake mix. Show your foodie friends and loved ones that you care by giving them this pancake mix that they will truly enjoy. Making pancake from scratch is not a tough job. But if you have a pancake mixRead more

Quick Garlic Bread

A very quick and easy garlic bread made on the usual hot dog bun. All you need are garlic, butter, parsley and bun. The taste and flavor is no lesser than the real garlic bread. Whenever I make simple grilled chicken for lunch, I run out of ideas for the sides to go along withRead more