Malai Chicken Kebab

   Malai chicken kebab is a moist chicken kebab that is highly loved by Indians as well as many others. Here in Kuwait, I’ve  seen that the Arab crowd devours chicken kebabs…..and many other north Indian food for that matter.        Charred and succulent cubes of chicken pieces with the amazing flavor from theRead more

White Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Cups-A Guest Post in Spice Adventuress

This is my second guest post and this time it is for my blogger friend, Dhanya who is the owner of the amazing blog the spice adventuress. To start off, lemme me thank Dhanya for the request of the guest post in her space. It’s definitely an honor which I couldn’t turn down because I valueRead more

Candy Lassi

    Beat the summer heat with this cool and refreshing drink, candy lassi. On a hot summer day, we like to slow down, relax and stay cool by enjoying a refreshing glass of lassi. Lassi, not to be confused with the beloved collie dog, Lassie 🙂 is a popular drink in India. This delicious beverage isRead more

Mutton Do Pyaza

  Today i am going to present a very rich and flavorful mutton recipe. This is my first mutton recipe post, i guess…..yah! It is. I had bookmarked this recipe from this amazing blog ecurry sometime back and finally made it last week. It was exactly what i expected, a spicy dish loaded with flavor….Mutton doRead more

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

   If you are craving chocolate, these are definitely the cookies to make as there are chocolate incorporated in these beauties in three ways: Nutella, chocolate chips and cocoa powder. They are rich, decadent fudgy, dense and thick with…….wait for it… amazing lava like nutella flowing from the center. Yummmy!     If you are oneRead more

Dragon Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  If you guys are looking for a low carb, gluten free yet flavorful recipe, you have come at the right place. Try out this very interesting wrap….dragon chicken lettuce wraps. It is amazing!     This lettuce wraps recipe creates the perfect combination of savory, spicy and crunchy that I just love. Plus they’re easy. AndRead more