Cheese Fries with Ranch Sauce

Cheese fries used to be my faaav during college days. There used to be a restaurant named  New York Fries in our college food court and me and by buddies never failed to make a visit there every alternate days. They served nice and crispy fries with different types of topping. My faav used to beRead more

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla 

 I LOVE Mexican food! Whenever my husband says my favorite, magical words, ‘lets eat out’ i always love to go to Mexican restaurants. One of my faav is Taco bell. Love the enchiladas, nachos, chips and salsa, tostadas and many others.    I feel Indian and Mexican food has a lot of similarities. For one thingRead more

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks-Ramadan Specials #10

  Ramadan is coming to an end and so is my ramadan recipes series. I am closing this series with my all-time favorite appetizer, mozzarella cheese sticks. The cheesy gooey goodness inside a cruchy, crispy coating….whoaaa…irresistible!     These are very simple to make and takes verrry less prepation time. I already had a seasoned flourRead more

Potato chop- Ramadan Specials #7

   Potato chops, my dear friends is the cousin of cutlets. Where in cutlets you have the potatoes and chicken/beef/fish/veggies all combined, in these potato chops you have them separate. The potatoes are wrapped around the filling, breaded and deep fried.     It sure is tasty, but yeah it tastes kinda like cutlets. Perfect ifRead more

Blooming Onion-Ramadan Specials #6

  Doesn’t this look beautiful? It tastes delicious too.     This is blooming onion, which is a dish with one onion cut to resemble a flower, battered and deep fried. It is surely a very impressive looking appetizer which will be loved and appreciated by all.      Blooming onion is actually a very famous appetizer servedRead more

Shawarma Filo Rolls-Ramadan specials #5

   I love food that give me a nostalgic and warm feeling. A feeling of great satisfaction.       That feeling is exactly what shawarma gives me. Shawarma is no doubt, my comfort food. Being born and bred in the shawarma nation, Dubai, half my life i have eaten and loved this street food.    Read more

Cheesy Bread Sticks-Ramadan Specials #4

   Here you go guys! The fourth ramadan post, which is that of gooey, melty, cheesy deliciousness, cheesy bread sticks. Delicious dough topped with garlic sauce, loots of cheese and butter…….what’s not to love?     They are super easy to make and tastes amazing. You can either make your own pizza dough or else youRead more

Falafel-Ramadan Specials #2

   I have a love affair with falafels. I never get fed up with its taste even though i have them very very often. I had made many attempts at making homemade falafel, but had never got the perfect texture and taste before. I tried again yesterday and “voila”, i finally got it right.     Read more

Momos-Ramadan Specials #1

   The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and the Muslims around the world must be getting ready for this beautiful month. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is about getting close to God (Allah swt), and prayers and good deeds. I personally love looove this holy month. Ramadan is a great month. ItRead more

Chaat Tart

    These cups, they have everything i love in a tiny appetizer. Plus, they are cute. Everybody loves cute food. This is a fusion food, where i gave a makeover to our indian chatpatta snack named chaat. I served the chaat in a tart…sounds good right!        For those of you who are notRead more

Pizza Bomb

   I don’t know about you guys, but i sure do love appetizers….and if it is this bite sized bombs, ill throw myself right into them. These pizza bombs are just the perfect size for dipping in whatever sauce you like and popping in the mouth.        The filling i used for this isRead more

Sesame Prawn Toast

Today I am in the mood for a quick and easy snack. It is one of those dishes you can find in many Chinese restaurants. I am sharing the recipe of the simple, yet delicious sesame prawn toast. Fresh prawns are minced with spring onion, garlic and other spices and spread on sliced bread, coveredRead more