Easy Red chicken

Today’s recipe is very special to me, because this is the masterpiece dish of a very very special person, my most favorite uncle Yusuf, my moothapa. He was everybody’s favorite. Such a humble, well mannered gentleman he was….beautiful inside out. His smile was so calming. My uncle is not there in this world anymore, butRead more

Herbed Grilled Chicken and Chips Pita Pockets

Here in this post you will get three different recipes, actually four recipes. It’s like one of those buy one get one free offers, but here visit one recipe post and you will get three bonus recipes. WHOOP WHOOP! 😃 Herbed grilled chicken, coleslaw and pita bread and pita pocket recipes are being published hereRead more

Easy 4 Ingredient Grilled Chicken 

Here is a fool proof, extremely easy grilled chicken recipe. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this.      This is what i make when i am lazy to cook. You just have to grind the ingredients, marinate the chicken and grill in your outdoor grill or just use your griddle pan or normal frying pan. Read more