Banana Fritters/ Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori is a popular snack from Kerala made with ripe plantains. Banana slices are dipped in a flour batter and deep fried. With this recipe, you will get  crisp banana fritters everytime.  Pazham pori…oh my God!!! I just love these. Served warm and crisp with a hot cup of chai is the best snackRead more

Chicken & Veggie Cheese Balls

Chicken and Veggie Cheese Balls are tasty treats to serve your guests for a party. It has a chicken and veggie outer covering which is a flavor bomb. The highlight is the gooey, cheesy centre with small bits of jalapeños. These cheese balls are then breaded and deep fried or baked till golden brown andRead more

Fried Chicken Buns

Fried Chicken Buns consists of a spicy, saucy chicken filling encased in bread dough, covered in bread crumbs and then deep fried till golden brown.      This delicious buns are similar to the famous Japanese Curry Bread or Kare Pan. But they are not exactly the same. In Kare Pan, it has a curryRead more

Cheesy Bread Cups (Chicken/Veg)

These cute little cups made with sandwich bread are filled with a delicious chicken filling, topped with olives, jalapenos, white sauce and mozzarella. It is then baked till the bread turns crisp and the cheese melts beautifully. Who can resist these cute little bites?     So FINALLY, here is my first Ramadan post. IRead more

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Spicy Beef Fry

A Kerala style beef fry which is not for the faint of heart. It is very spicy and is fried in quite a lot of coconut oil giving this dish a very traditional aroma and taste.      My hometown Kerala, though very small on the map is actually the ultimate place for food lovers.Read more

Spicy Beef Curry

Create beautiful aromas in your kitchen with this delicious and spicy beef curry.     We south Indians, especially the Keralites love beef. Beef is a favourite in my home too. In my family there are members who don’t like fish, some don’t like mutton…but beef is all of our ultimate favourite.     IRead more

Beef Fry

This beef fry is a flavorful, eye-catching entry. If I had to nominate a favourite beef recipe, this might be it. Today i am going to share with you the recipe of a simple beef fry, a dish that uses minimal ingredients and very less time to prepare. If you have a pressure cooker andRead more

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Easy Dinner Rolls

These are very simple to make dinner rolls comes out buttery, tender, light and fluffy.  It tastes heavenly. There is nothing better than a warm, homemade dinner roll, especially when it is spread with some soft butter. You can have these rolls with some fried chicken/ grilled chicken/ creamy curry – you name it. I love to haveRead more

Batura without Yeast

Baturas are deep fried puffed up bread which is a popular bread in North India. This is served usually with Chole (Chickpeas) but it goes very well with non veg curries too.     No matter if you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Batura is a favorite in many homes and my home is noRead more

Rice Dosa/ Rice Crepes

Soft, thin and light crepes made out of rice flour and cooked rice. Now you know what to do if you have left over rice.      Making this rice dosa is almost like preparing those instant dosa as this one requires no fermentation or presoaking of rice. You can make these crepes whenever youRead more

Malabar Porota

Malabar Porota, Parota or Barota is a layered flatbread made from all purpose four which required a lot of kneading in order to get a soft dough. This flat bread is flaky and fluffy, crisp, yet soft. This is a delicacy of the Malabar region of North Kerala.  The famous Malabar Porota, even though weRead more

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

Soft and fluffy pancakes made with whole wheat flour. Perfect for a light and healthy breakfast. I just realized recently that over the years I forgot to post the recipe of a basic pancake. I’m remedying that today with these delicious, light and fluffy, 100% whole wheat pancakes made from scratch. If you are lookingRead more

Valayappam/ Funnel Cake/ Kaiveeshal

Valayappam/ Funnel Cakes are deep fried pancake like batter topped with powdered sugar. Hey! Here I am, late as usual with the first post of 2019. Hope this year started off well for you all. Mine was amazing as I was with my family in Dubai for new years. 🙂 Now I am back inRead more

Goli Baje/ Mangalore Bhajji

Goli Baje/ Mangalore bajji are deep fried fritters made mainly with all purpose flour, rice flour and yoghurt. It is so addictive and very delicious. The super crispy exterior and the fluffy, pillowy soft interior is the main feature of this dish. Serve this with coconut chutney and enjoy it as your breakfast or asRead more


Fatteh is a popular breakfast dish all over the Levant. It can be eaten for lunch or dinner too. It is made of crumbled fried or toasted pita bread, seasoned yoghurt with tahini, chickpeas plus other ingredients and finally garnished with toasted nuts. I added pomegranate seeds to it too.       The nameRead more

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Coconut Cake

A very delicious, moist Coconut Cake, all the ingredient measurements are easy to remember. Fast, easy and so good. The perfect breakfast, snack or dessert recipe. I tried this cake a while back after I saw it in an Arab lady’s Instagram page. The recipe was completely written in Arabic but with the little understandingRead more

Pistachio Financiers

These mini Pistachio Almond Cake is a French cake that is light and moist. The key ingredients are almond flour and pistachio flour which gives a nutty flavor to the Pistachio Financiers.     What I love about these little cakes are that the directions are rather simple, but oh so good (the simple thingsRead more

Milk Chocolate Brownies

Dense and chewy Milk Chocolate Brownies which are the perfect type of brownies for milk chocolate lovers. I am usually not a big lover of brownies, mainly because I don’t quite enjoy the intense dark chocolate flavor. I have always been a milk chocolate girl. Be it chocolate cake, ganache or chocolate frosting…dark, rich chocolateRead more

Kinder Microwave Mug Cake

The moistest chocolate mug cake you will ever have. The addition of kinder maxi bars on top this cake makes this mug cake extra decadent. Perfect dessert to indulge in during this holiday season.      Many of you will probably be so over mug cakes by now and must be rolling your eyes at meRead more

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Hyderabadi Wedding Chicken Fry

A delicious fried chicken which is usually served during Hyderabadi weddings.  I have never been to a Hyderabadi wedding but heard a lot about the unique, royal dishes they serve during the function. I saw this shadiyon wala red chicken fry (as how it is popularly known) recipe in YouTube recently and I knew instantlyRead more

Chicken Korma/Kurma-2

A soothing Chicken Korma with the signature coconut milk gravy. It is astonishingly straight forward – and it is made with very less ingredients, even then the flavor is stunning.     This chicken korma is our new favorite. We love how mild yet super flavorful it is and the best part is that thisRead more

Bengali Chicken Kosha

Kosha Murgir Mangsho/ Bengali Chicken Kosha is a Bengali speciality dish. It is a spicy, semi dry chicken curry and goes well with roti, puri or pulao. Hey there. I am back after a break, again. 🙂 I had gone for a three week vacation to my hometown, Kerala. Had a fantastic time there. MissRead more

Crispy Chicken Fry

A deep fried crisp chicken fry with Indian flavors.     This chicken fry can be eaten as an appetizer, or with main coarse or you can even make chilli chicken with it. The last option was what I opted for. I made chilli chicken dry with this fried chicken by tossing it in aRead more

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White Chocolate Cookies

Rich, buttery chocolate chip cookies which are loaded with chunks of white chocolate and nuts. Make it soft or crispy as per your choice by altering the baking times. I personally love a fresh batch of soft cookies.  Sorry for the disappearing act which I did again. I really didn’t want to stay away fromRead more

Nutella/Lotus Stuffed Skillet Cookies

A gooey skillet cookie filled with Nutella or Lotus Biscoff spread, loaded with chocolate bits. It can be served with a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream and then drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. It can’t get better than this. This is one absolute pan of glory! In one bite of thisRead more

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

   If you are craving chocolate, these are definitely the cookies to make as there are chocolate incorporated in these beauties in three ways: Nutella, chocolate chips and cocoa powder. They are rich, decadent fudgy, dense and thick with…….wait for it… amazing lava like nutella flowing from the center. Yummmy!     If you are oneRead more

Melting Moments

There are so many butter cookie recipes out there! Its hard to pick a favorite. However, I’ve seen that my people particularly give these melting moments cookies special attention. They are so addictive that every time i make these, everyone snacks without stopping until they are all gone. Melting Moments cookies are aptly named forRead more

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Snickers Pudding

This Snickers Pudding is super quick, and easy to make but is a crowd pleasing, show stopping, all time favorite dessert!  This pudding has layers of pure bliss. It features layers of chocolate sandwich cake, mega creamy layer made with instant cream cheese cubes, caramel pudding mix and whipping cream powder, all topped with a lusciousRead more

Chilled Cream Fruit Salad

A semi frozen dessert with a thick chilled cream and fruit cocktail.  If you are anything like me who don’t enjoy fruits much, then this fruit salad is for you. Yeaah a tad less healthy, but extremely delicious. The best part is the texture of this dessert. It is similar to a sorbet, but aRead more

Valayappam/ Funnel Cake/ Kaiveeshal

Valayappam/ Funnel Cakes are deep fried pancake like batter topped with powdered sugar. Hey! Here I am, late as usual with the first post of 2019. Hope this year started off well for you all. Mine was amazing as I was with my family in Dubai for new years. 🙂 Now I am back inRead more

Mafroukeh Truffles

Mafroukeh which is a Lebanese dessert is made of semolina, pistachios, sugar and butter infused with sugar syrup, and rose water. It is filled with a cream called ashta (I have replaced it with mascorpone cheese). Here I have made truffles out of it, making it look more appealing. This is easily one of my favorite ArabicRead more

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Strawberry-Lime Soda

Strawberry-Lime Soda, a wonderfully sweet and slightly tangy drink with strawberries and lemon juice which is finished off with sparkling club soda. It is easy to make and absolutely refreshing. This can be called Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade too.     I know its winter now and most of you wouldn’t prefer to drink a coldRead more

Spicy Coconut Lemonade

Spicy Coconut Lemonade is a very refreshing drink made with coconut water, lemon juice, green chillies and ginger. This drink is perfect during the summers. So people its Ramadan tomorrow, yaaay! Soo so happy! 🙂 This year, Ramadan falls on summer, which means that fasting hours become longer. So during this time try to eatRead more

Perfectly Thick Nutella Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is incredibly rich and thick- almost like drinking pudding or a chocolate bar or Nutella in liquid form. Thick hot chocolate is hands down the best type of hot chocolate. If you haven’t tried such thick hot chocolate, imagine hot chocolate pudding or a chocolate bar or Nutella in liquid form. ThatRead more

Mango Ginger Lemonade-Ramdan Specials #9

   Ramadan is almost coming to an end and i was just thinking that i didn’t post any drinks recipe yet. So here is the recipe of a very refreshing and delicious mango lemonade with a nice kick of the ginger.         Hot summer days call for this mango ginger lemonade. I love icyRead more

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Prawn Fry Masala

A simple Prawn Fry Masala with very few ingredients but has big flavors. Last week we were craving for a hearty prawn dish, not fried prawn which we make on repeat, nor a curry type dish. We wanted something with a nice masala, that is not heavily flavored with spices. I created this dish onRead more

Crisp Prawn Fry

A spicy Prawn Fry with delicious crumbs from the fried marinade. It sure is a mouth watering dish!     Most of the Keralites would be familiar with Calicut Paragon Prawn Fry. I simply love it. Every time we go there this dish never misses our table. I have been trying to recreate it inRead more

Garlic Prawns in Cream Sauce

Pan seared prawns smothered in flavorful homemade cream sauce. This can be your easiest weeknight meal, which goes well with a nice hot bowl of rice, bread or pasta.     This is not a curry, but it does serve the purpose of a curry. But in this recipe I did not use any sortRead more

Fish Thenga/Coconut Curry

Fish Thenga/Coconut Curry, a Kerala style fish curry, with a coconut based thick gravy. Perfect with a bowl of steaming hot white rice, preferably parboiled rice.    Nothing makes me feel more at home than a good old spicy fish curry. I am not a big fan of fish, but I really crave my Mom’sRead more

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Mutton Sukka

Mutton Sukka is a dry preparation in which the mutton is cooked in aromatic Indian spices.  It is then roasted with sautéed onions and other spices till you get dry, slightly crisp mutton pieces which at the same time will be tender.      You all really like mutton dishes, don’t you? The most viewedRead more

Mutton Handi

A royal mutton/lamb curry which is very popular in the northern regions of India. This is traditionally made in a special clay pot which is called as Handi, that’s why the name. But this can be made in our usual pan too.      The whole cooking for this dish is done in one potRead more

Bhuna Ghosht

Bhuna Ghosht, is a thick, rich curry made with goat meat/lamb where the meat is slow cooked with spices, simmering for long hours, till the sauce is reduced until it is so thick that it clings to the meat, making the meat appear browned.     Dishes cooked in bhuna style are very rich andRead more

Mutton/Lamb Chops Masala

  After two sweet food posts, lets go onto something spicy, meaty and classy. Something with a woow factor. Like this mutton chops i made few days back. This recipe, i am telling you will be a keeper for sure.      I just realized that its been quite sometime since i posted any red meat recipe.Read more

More Recipes

Pasta and pizza

Butter Chicken Pizza

A fusion style pizza with the Indian Butter Chicken flavors.     This is an amazing fusion dish. Fusion cooking is a delight! It creates magic and is fairly easy to do. When we combine a number of cuisines in one meal, we get a delicious combination of new tastes and flavors. Here is theRead more

Chicken & Veggie Pasta

A hearty pasta loaded with veggies and chicken in a creamy sauce.      This was a dish which I prepared before leaving for my vacation to use up whatever was there in my fridge. I remember, I was in a hurry that day and so I didn’t have time to look up for aRead more

Pizza on Bun

Soft buns topped with spicy chicken stuffing, chili sauce, a creamy white sauce and finished with gooey mozzarella cheese. Delicious it is! These Pizza on Bun is something I remember eating a lot as a child. I used to love this and I devour it even more now. I had completely forgotten about this dish until justRead more

Mini Prawn White Pizza

This cheesy white pizza boasts of subtle, garlic flavored white sauce, shallow fried prawns which adds flavor and a good amount of melty mozzarella cheese.  If you are looking for a non oily appetizer recipe, here is a good one for you. This Ramadan, me and Fadal are trying to avoid greasy food as much as weRead more

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Instant No Oil, No Cook Mango Pickle

   Just the thought of this pickle makes my mouth water. This pickle has the tanginess and sourness from the mangoes, sweetness from the sugar, spice from the red chilli powder and that kick from the garlic. It is sooo soooooo easy, that you cant make it anytime, just anytime you want.        JustRead more

Sweet and Sour Date-Lemon Pickle

This is the first pickle recipe in my blog, actually this is the first pickle i made ever. But i soo enjoyed making it and eating it, that i cant wait to try out many more pickle recipes. I have always been afraid to make any sort of Indian pickle. There is too much laborRead more

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Mutton Biryani

A family favorite, this delicious Mutton Biryani would be perfect for a family gathering or just to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.     This has been a highly requested recipe from you guys. But I have been delaying this post because I get nervous and fidgety even with the thought of makingRead more

Malabar Chicken Biryani (Quick Version)

A very quick Malabar Chicken Biryani which can be made in a jiffy and is a true indulgence. This recipe is perfect when you are not in the mood for the long sautéing process that comes with making any biryani.        Who doesn’t love Biryani?    My Husband is a die-hard fan ofRead more


This fish biryani will be loved by both fish lovers and haters. A dish that would be perfect for a family gathering or just to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.      I rarely make fish biryani at home. I made it just once long back. Biryani means its always chicken or muttonRead more

Fried Chicken Pulao

Fried chicken pulao is a one pan chicken and rice dish with amazing Indian flavors.     This fried chicken pulao is like a simplified biryani. It has all the masalas and flavors of a biryani.      You must be thinking, there are very few photographs for this post and that too not veryRead more

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Mexican Macaroni Salad

This is a tasty, creamy macaroni salad with a Mexican twist.  Macaroni salad is a party/ potluck/ cookout staple. No get-together is complete without a giant chilled bowl of macaroni salad. If you are bored with the usual classic salad, try this Mexican inspired one with a mayo and salsa based dressing.  I had preparedRead more

Mexican Street Corn Salad

This Mexican Street Corn Salad is a delicious blend of sour, sweet and spicy flavors. It goes perfectly well as sides or you can serve this as a meal too.     I have mentioned a lot of times that I enjoy Mexican food too much. I can cook Mexican food every single day, notRead more

Hot Sticks Salad

A salad with lots of fresh veggies, pulses, chicken, a tahini-yogurt dressing, finished with a layer of Hot Sticks Potato Chips.     Ramadan is over, Eid is over and now everybody must have gotten back to their usual routine. Even though I miss Ramadan, I feel happy that the holy month went by beautifully. Read more

Chicken Caesar Salad

A classic caesar salad with a homemade Caesar dressing, flavorful grilled chicken and croutons makes this a satisfying meal to have at any time of the day.     Caesar Salad, I am sure that almost all of you have had this at least once in your life. This will be the most popular saladRead more

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Creamy Chicken Sandwich Casserole

Creamy Chicken Sandwich Casserole is the perfect savory recipe to feed a crowd.  Who doesn’t need good party recipes to feed a crowd without spending hours getting everything ready in the kitchen. This is such a recipe where we can bake all the sandwiches as a big batch in a casserole. These little sandwiches areRead more

Egg & Veggie Pita Pockets

Homemade soft pita breads, cut into pockets and filled with boiled eggs, sautéed veggies, spicy coleslaw and a mediterranean inspired tahini sauce.     Today I am going to share one of the yummiest meatless dishes that I have made in a very long time. I rarely make pure vegetarian food at home, there hasRead more

Aloo Tikki Sliders

Aloo Tikki which is a North Indian speciality are mashed potato cakes with herb and Indian spices. Present these cute little nuggets in the form of sliders with a nice slather of coriander chutney and tangy tamarind chutney and enjoy all the praises.    Yes, exactly. When you have a party or a gathering itRead more

Chicken Ranch Burritos

Burritos with taco seasoned grilled chicken, jalapeños, cheese and lots of creamy ranch sauce.      In my house we love Mexican food. That is what me and my husband prefer after our very own Indian cuisine. We love that heat and kick in our food and Mexican dishes has it from their jalapeños, chipotle,Read more

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Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup is a light and creamy soup made with creamed sweet corn, chicken stock and egg white drop.       This is a classic soup which I guess most of you love. This has been one of the most requested recipes. So I thought its high time I post it now. Read more

Dairy Free Cream of Chicken Soup

Cream of chicken soup is one of those soups that always sounds good. This soup has been my all time favorite. A dairy free cream of chicken soup is a great way for people who are allergic to dairy (lactose intolerant) to once again enjoy their favorite soup.     Lactose intolerance is a common digestiveRead more

Malabar Chicken Soup

I just realized recently that I didn’t post any soup recipe yet. Two years of blogging and no soup recipe!! Oh my!! So, to make up for this delay, here is a recipe of a very light and comforting soup with a touch of Malabar flavors. Last week I had a yummy chicken soup from this MalabarRead more

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30 Ramadan Recipes Round-Up {Sweet}

Hello all. Thank you very much for the tremendous response that you all gave for the Savory Ramadan Recipes Round-Up. As promised, here is the second part of the round-up which has all the sweet recipes fit to eat during this time of the year. Hope you all will find this useful. 🙂 ZNOUD-EL-SIT 2.Read more

Ramadan Kareem 🙂

Wishing you all a very blessed and peaceful Ramadan. 🙂

Ramadan Recipes Round Up 2017-{Savory}

Hey all! As Ramadan is just few days away, I thought it would be an excellent idea to gather all the Ramadan apt recipes in this post so that it will be easier for you to just scroll down and get inspiration to make awesome appetizers to satisfy your cravings. These dishes can be enjoyedRead more

Your Opinion Matters

Hello everyone! I’m on vacation now, so was not in a mood to post any recipes. But I will start posting again very soon. Have some yummy things lined up for you guys. Today I would like to ask your valuable opinions/suggestions on few things. I have been thinking of doing this for quite someRead more

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Potato Curry in Cashew-Coconut Milk Gravy

A very thick and rich potato curry with a gravy made with coconut milk and cashew nuts. It is spiced very well with the indian spices, and a final touch of kasuri methi and butter gives the curry a whole new taste.     Nowadays I am always in search for good vegetarian recipes, justRead more

Vegetable & Daal Curry in Coconut Milk

A mildly flavored mixed vegetable curry with the goodness of moong seeds and richness of coconut milk.    193 posts and only two vegetable curry recipe in the blog. I know, not a good thing. 😐 Since you guys have been requesting for veg recipes for so long and also because there were so manyRead more

Sri Lankan Eggplant Coconut Curry

Here i am with a vegetarian recipe after a long time. You might have already noticed that there are very few veggie items in my blog. I admit that i suck at vegetarian dishes. I never used to like it much too, maybe because i didn’t know any good veg recipes. But i am reallyRead more

Spicy and Tangy Grilled Chutney sandwich

I am posting a vegetarian recipe after a long, long time. I really suck big time at vegetarian dishes. But i was so happy with the results after making this spicy, tangy, sweet, cheesy vegetable grilled sandwich, that i couldn’t stop myself from posting it. Its too good. My sister, for whom the title ofRead more

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